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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire - Cynthia Eden Another great book by Cynthia Eden! I am effectively hooked on this series! :)

What else can I say about these characters, besides they are AMAZING?! Dante alone is, pardon the pun, on FIRE, with his strength, confidence and bluntness. But Cassie - she ranks as one of favorite heroines EVER! Not only is she strong of will, she's smart, kind, and resourceful. She's also selfless, which gets her and Dante in more than a few scrapes, but you have to love her for it. She never backs down from Dante, especially when he wants her to back down and quit, when she knows there are people counting on her. And most of her thoughts and feelings tugged at my heartstrings. I was rooting for her the WHOLE TIME. Cassie needed her happy ending!

I dunno if I could pick a favorite book from this series. I loved all three books for different reasons. I might pick book one, but just because it was the introduction to this world and it's all been so wonderful and refreshing. Seriously, I've loved it from start to finish! And I'm hoping there is going to be a book 4? :D

So what do I say? GO BUY THIS BOOK. BUY THE WHOLE SERIES. Believe me, you won't regret it!