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Oracle's Moon

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison Thea Harrison did it again! Every time I finish one of her books in this series, I keep thinking "THIS one is my favorite! There's no way another can top it!" and then BAM - I read the next one, haha!

This book was fabulous from start to finish. Khalil and Grace were wonderful characters, both one their own and together. I also thought the children, Max and Chloe, were adorable too!

Possibly my most favorite thing about this book is that the characters didn't fall in love instantly. Or for a good portion of the book. When they start out, Grace does. not. like. Khalil. At all. And the feeling is totally mutual. After a while, they become grudging acquaintances, then sort-of friends-ish, and then fall head over heals for each other. It keeps you squealing the entire time, because it was so adorable to watch. And most importantly - it was believable!

My heart totally went out to Grace throughout the book too. Not only did her sister (the previous Oracle) and her husband die, but she suffers through her damaged knee, takes care of her niece and nephew full-time, while still trying to be a student and full-time Oracle. You really feel for her. Her money problems, her stress problems....her Djinn problems, haha!

But when those two start realizing their maybe-feelings for each other, they fit so well together. And Khalil grows so much. I just couldn't stop reading this book. I'd go to work, wishing I was reading it. I'd go to bed unhappy because I had to stop reading to sleep. Summary: Go read this book. You will not be disapointed!