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The Wicked Wallflower

The Wicked Wallflower - Maya Rodale To start, this is my first Maya Rodale book, and I really enjoyed it! (I'm actually kind of confused why it's received such bad reviews? I thought it was lovely! But to each their own I suppose...) I originally picked it up because I LOVED the cover! Isn't it gorgeous?

Blake and Emma were endearing characters. Especially Emma, I have a fondness for wallflowers and felt empathetic with her throughout the story. Without trying to get to spoilery, Emma and her wallflower friends have had several seasons ending in no suitors, and are starting to despair. After a night of sherry-drinking, her friends concoct a plan of writing a letter to the local newspaper announcing a 'fake' engagement between Emma and the Duke of Ashbrooke, Blake. They don't mail the letter, but after an accident the letter disappears and ends up, you guessed it, in the newspaper. The Duke, instead of calling her out on it, goes with the idea, as he'd benefit from it as well.

Throughout the story, they grow closer together through trials and tribulations. And Aunt Agatha, of course. But what I really liked was Blake's transformation from a carefree rouge to someone who truly, deeply falls in love, and has no idea how to cope with it. It's quite charming really!

So I definitely recommend this read! Especially for other wallflower lovers out there! And I can't wait to find book 2 in the series! :)