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Wicked in Your Arms

Wicked in Your Arms - Sophie Jordan I'm new to Historical Romances, I'm a paranormal romance person myself, and I'm so glad I found Jordan's books! This series is beyond amazing! I tend to like books with strong female leads, and Grier does not disappoint. She'd rather hang out behind potted plants at parties and eat biscuits then put up with the false smiles and gossiping ton. Because of her 'new father' and her low birth status, Grier has it a bit harder than most to fit in. And when prince Sevastion decides to drag her character through the mud a few times in gossip...well let's just say, he gets a drink to the back of the head.

Grier is witty, strong willed, and just wants to be loved for who she is. Who doesn't? YOU GO GIRL! Sevastion kind've starts off as an...well, an ass. You find out the WHY later, but he's just as stubborn as she is, with a sharp mind and keeping his people back home his number one goal. Not many people are that noble, eh?

I loved the sparring between them, how Sev will through something at her (verbally, of course) and how she throws it right back at him. (She doesn't care he's a prince, a jerk is a jerk right?) How they each resist each other, but so end up falling head over heels. And there was one part of the book I did not see coming at ALL, but it totally fit and brought them closer together. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time during that part!! I'm trying not to be spoilery, but once you finish the book - you'll know what I mean.

There are times when you just want to beat Sev over the head and tell him to get with the program, and Grier to buck up and have confidence in herself because SHE IS WORTH IT, but that's just because you come do adore both characters and just want them to get their happy ending. Because they both deserve it!!!

All in all? I LOVED THIS BOOK. And I'm buying the entire series. End of story. So go fall in love with Grier and Sev like you should, ok? :)