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MacRieve - Kresley Cole I had been waiting for this book to come out for a very long time!! (And then I ended up moving and the poor book got put in a box and had to wait a while to be read, it broke my heart.) And when I was finally able to read it, and read it in one day and one night, because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! I am a huge fan of Cole's series, and this one did not disappoint! (Not to mention, the Lykae's are my favorite!)

In MacRieve, Cole introduces a new species in this book. I really can't give it away or it'd be a big spoiler, but I love how diverse all of her books and characters are. Chloe is a brilliant character, a total go-getter, dream a dream and go work for it, stand up for yourself kinda girl. She can talk the talk and walk the walk. And being a hard core soccer player, she can dish what she can take.

Uilleam (aka MacRieve) has a very harsh past, and after his recent torture and escape, is pretty messed up in the head. He's dark, thinks he's had the end of the line, and when he finally finds his mate - Chloe - he thinks he's finally found his purpose in life. It's actually quite adorable when they first meet, he saves her, and they fall in love.

Actually, a good part of the book you're awwing and ooohing and how cute they are together and how MacRieve starts healing and getting better (mentally and physically). And then STUFF GOES DOWN and it...well, let's just say there are many parts of the book you're cheering Chloe on and want to berate MacRieve for his stupidity. (Though you really do feel sorry for him too...again, can't get too spoilery here!)

But the storyline is very well done, and the characters are so believable you cry and scream and coo along with them. Chloe and MacRieve are perfect for each other. It's just up to a certain Lykae to realize it ;)

So my suggestion? GO READ THIS BOOK. You can definitely read it on it's own, but you get so much more out of it if you read the series! You take home the gold agian, Kresley!