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Bound by Night

Bound by Night - Larissa Ione Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I've been reading Ione's Lord's of Deliverance series, as well as a few of the Demonica books, so when I heard she was starting a vampire series I was excited!!

To begin with, her take on vampires being slaves of the general human population was very interesting. Plus, her version of vampires in general is new, and you find out more in bits and pieces as they develop. Such as, without trying to be too spoilery, vampires are very sensitive to chemical warfare. And it seems that while they age much slower than humans, they may not be immortal like most vamps in books are.

It was a little hard getting in to the book at first, because I felt like there were a lot of past events and characters being thrown at me all at once who were going to be important...and it was a little overwhelming. After that resolves and we get to the two main characters, Nicole and Riker. (To give Ione credit though, I think it's her writing style. I remember having thought the same thing in the first Lords of Deliverance book. Get all the characters introduced at once - then it's easier to follow the story later. I will admit, for the most part it works.)

And can I say, I LOVE Nicole as a character? She has fears and is ruled by them, but refuses to give in to her captors, general bad guys, and even...well, that's a spoiler. The point is, she's terrified of vampires, she's pretty sure the people who kidnapped her are going to double cross her and slit her throat at ANY given moment, and yet she still fights them and refuses to do what she thinks is wrong. Bonus? She's not afraid to speak her mind, most of the time.

As things progress between Nicole and Riker, well, you pretty much want to kick him in the rear and tell him to get with it and get his act together. You follow them through the ups and downs, plot twist and turns, and like I said, overall I liked this book! I would definitely read it again! :)

(And I cannot WAIT until Myne get's his own book. Seriously, he needs to be next!!! Pretty please?)