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Darkest Flame (Dark Kings)

Darkest Flame (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant This is my second Donna Grant book, and I loved it too! The Dark Kings series has grabbed another fan!

Foremost, I want to give Grant a shout out for making such an amazing heroine. Denae is not only smart, witty, funny, but she kicks butt and takes names. She earned her spot in M15 for a reason. The fact she doesn't back down from fights, and actually helps the dragon kings in tight spots, is down right fabulous. She can hold her own, and she's still so real. The whole time I was cheering for her. I need a shirt that says "Team Denae" on it!

Kellan is also awesome, but very...Kellan-y. Throughout, well, the whole book really, Kellan dislikes humans. So he's generally a grumpy guy. But Denae puts him in his place, so no worries there. Also? How can you not root for a guy who falls head over heels for a girl, and doesn't know what to do about it, hmm?

I loved the pacing of the book, the setting, and especially the characters. My only issue with the book, like the other Grant book I had read, is it seemed that there were some characters introduced throughout the book that it felt like I should have "known" them already. Almost like this wasn't the first book of the series, but it was. Did some digging - turns out there are prequels! (And lo and behold - I had bought the book on a whim months ago and didn't even know it!) So I will remedy this issue and read 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 and get caught up!

To summarize: LOVED THIS BOOK, GO AND READ IT! I can't wait to read the prequels, and then move on to #2! :)